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Real estate development, aimed at international tourism, with hotel services, condominium, commercial, golf course, villas, marina, etc…, and with an estate of 6, 000 ha., And +800 kms., beach.

Mexico (Beneficiary States: Baja Califonia North), Hermenegildo Galeana located in the municipality of Ensenada, Baja Calif., Mexico

Surface: 127,715 ha. +30,000 acres of surplus being 157,715 acres with 65 km of coastline

Requirements: We need to compensate the landowners for their contributions to the project in order to obtain the transfer of ownership, rights and obligations and represents an investment of $ 360 million.

Project schedule: 24 hotels, 144 condo hotels with capacity of 9,600 + apartments, 720 + additional villas with the capacity of 2,640 villas, golf club 560 has., for 27 holes with 1,000 villas on the green shopping center of 52,000 square meters, marina for 300+ yachts 1.200, and soon.

Marketing: Availability of international business agreements for the conduct of the promotion and sale of real estate products in USA, Canada and the European community.

People Benefiting: Direct: 28,689 employees | Indirect: 305,557 people

Amount Required:USD$ 15,700,000,000.00


The mega project to develop tourism in the EJIDO HERMENEGILDO GALEANA, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico began with the purchase of land with its factuality to develop tourism infrastructure for the creation of a tourism development pole with 65 littoral kilometers.

From coast to the ‘Sea of Cortez’ or Gulf of Santa Clara, allowing for its location, a few kilometers from the international gates Mexicali-Calexico and Tijuana-San Diego give great value to the investment because it is a low risk area hurricane, and has a temperate climate all year round. This may offer hotels, cottages, apartments, and high quality homes.

Primary developer will build the basic infrastructure to detonate the spot as a pole of tourism development. The financial resources we obtain will be used to promote the construction request and make the real estate marketing products generated with the support of international companies who will promote the sale, tourism and business operations. The investments will be carried out by the purchasers of the villas or stay by their membership; or provide assurances for the services they provide splitting the market for whom it is to pensioners mutual benefit organizations, the union of both U.S. and Canada, with the services they require to function, quality, safety and comfort, and complementary health services of the same quality rather than origin.

With the attractive climate, comfort for the exclusivity, the big resort hotels, spa's, clubs, gourmet quality restaurants and great shopping plus with all the amenities of beaches, recreation, tourism, ecological ranch to create a great synergistic because we have bighorn sheep, cave paintings, historical missions, etc.. In scuba diving, sailing, etc. Also as we have a great touristic marine and a commercial port are a strategic location.

To get where he is on the property that gives us the road terrestrial communications trans peninsular sea, the gulf of the Sea of Cortez and have a track that allowed for little investment rustic communication area will be developed in the program have a 24 months estimated capacity of 24 hotels in 720.000 meters square of land, 1440 dominal lots, for about 96,000 apartments, 1744 villas, plus 1000 additional green golf club, shopping centers and lots 152.500 meters square for health promotional, offices of tourism services and so on. In addition to municipal services such as roads, parking, donations, and yacht marine for 1300, initial port services and uses services of coastline with an area of 65 km and recreation areas with ecological protection. The premises have documentation in order for transfer of ownership, likewise with feasibility of municipal water, sewer, power, lighting and telephones. That gives added value to the property to develop it immediately.

This building project is the introduction of urban infrastructure for a new center of tourism development and the construction of a mega tourism project is a plus quality tourism division and / or large resort.

It has a property available for 127.715 hectares with 65 miles of coastline to the sea of Cortez same port that is a natural shelter for their location. Program an estimated investment of 15.7 Billion U.S. dollars.

Premises in which to develop basic infrastructure for the development of the highest quality standards and international specifications to house in the best strategic point of the property one of several joint or mega projects that can accommodate the subdivision to be built.

The sets and mega projects are the development of subdivisions in which the first is the pilot start with a basic: golf club, with villas and apartments with marina for yachts on the bay as well as recreational marine activities yacht club, clubhouse, restaurant and shopping centers, a synergistic ranch with cabins and the entire team to rest and admire the whales of Baja California, and the construction of a large resort hotel of 350 rooms and building a shopping center, plus a large commercial port of traffic along the coast to become the sea gate of the property, all this making a thorough review of the ecosystem to protect it.

In the first phase of construction and business plan to detonate the estimate is within 36 months to 10 years of legal effect, financing with rollovers caused by the flow of product sales generated.

We have the intention to purchase the land, with farms with positive feasibilities vocation and land use for primary tourist development, so also for tourist subdivisions side by the extent of its territorial reserve and located within the "PROGRAM OF LA ESCALERA NAUTICA (go to: escaleranautica)" available from studies of investment, estimating a sale inflations of the second year stage + 2.750 million U.S. dollars of direct investments of 2,500 million dollars that we are hereby requested; permitting, additional investments for secondary developments estimated at + 450 to + 600 million. Taking an investment estimated at 700 million dollars and the market deal, because as mentioned earlier, is included in the development agenda of the Escalera Nautica; we have the support for marketing uses. And Canadian organizations and real estate as mutual Goodland’s remax for his promotion and sale of products that are produced.


The project need a funding of U$S 220,000,000.00 (Two Hundred And Twenty Million Dollars).

This amount of money will be expanded by a high investment placement program through FUNDACIÓN FECUCA, with the ultimate goal of completely funding the whole project and proceed immediately to credit refund that gives rise to this funding.

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